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Daniel Ángel Romero Senior editor

HighGrow 4.20 is a game where the player grows virtual cannabis plants.

You´ll have to choose three marijuana seeds and plant them in three different pots situated in a virtual grow room.

Then, you´ll have to take care of that seeds, watering them. They will germinate and begin their life cycle, determined by their genetic structure.

According to the care you apply to each plant, you will see them grow strongly or die after a week or two.

The care you´ll need to give to the plants consist not only in watering, but fertilizing, adjusting the light height and photoperiod, pruning growing tips and deciding the exact moment to harvest your crop.

During the game, you will receive some tips from Rasta Robbi.
He will tell you the Objectives of the game, too.

You´ll have to choose three between 30 possible seeds. Then, you have to plant them in three possible places: the Workshop, the Basement and the Attic.

You can give a name for each plant, and water, fertilize and adjust the light for each one separately.

As the days pass, you will see your plants grow, till the harvest.


  • None.


  • The game is very boring, you need to spend days to see anything grow. The graphics are poor. Only useful to teach to grow marijuana, which is at least a questionable objective.

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